About us GEOSEM · Property Developer in Costa Blanca

Construction Promoter in Costa Blanca

Geosem is a developer construction company in Costa Blanca with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate market, developing custom luxury homes.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the construction of exclusive apartments and villas.

Due to the high quality standards that we demand in each of our projects, we are today one of the leading developers and construction companies on the Costa Blanca. Our nonconformity and efforts to improve and continue innovating have led us to consolidate ourselves and become a reference for many international and national clients.

GEOSEM finds itself in a highly competitive environment with a high level of demand. Over the years, we have managed to consolidate ourselves as a financially solid and competitive company, and we have expanded our network of professional contacts.

About us <small>GEOSEM · Property Developer in Costa Blanca</small>

Learn about the history of GEOSEM: Mediterranean Works and Services Management

At the beginning of the 1990s, the Mediterranean Works and Services Management company “GEOSEM” was founded by Pedro J. Sánchez, current manager of the company, together with his wife. In its first years of life, the company focused its field of action on the complete construction of houses and turnkey projects.

To achieve success year after year, continuous human, technical and business growth was necessary. Based on extensive experience in housing construction, with more than 50 successfully developed projects and at least 1,500 completed homes, GEOSEM begins its development activity with small housing developments, covering all the necessary phases for the creation of new homes:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Promotion
  • Sale
About us <small>GEOSEM · Property Developer in Costa Blanca</small>

Our professionalism and track record has been demonstrated, as well as our commitment to the client, whom we like to take care of every day with a personalized, distinguished and discreet treatment. Thanks to a dynamic and effective management of the company, success has been achieved in practically all projects.

Over time and seeing our high demand, we decided to bet on the luxury real estate market, carrying out exclusive promotions to achieve unique and unrepeatable homes. And this progress is largely thanks to the level of excellence and quality exhibited in the executed homes.

The objective of GEOSEM is to exceed the expectations of our clients and now more than ever, that we have the latest technology and all the luxury materials, we want to continue surprising and give many more opportunities to buyers and investors of Costa Blanca luxury.

About us <small>GEOSEM · Property Developer in Costa Blanca</small>

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